How Much Money Do Sneaker Designers Make?

Over time, footwear has changed from just being a necessity to being a status symbol. Initially, they were just to protect our feet from dirt and harm but with the increase in their production, they have become fashion accessories. The lust for trendy and many pairs of shoes is not only a women problem but it also affects men.

Sneakers have become one of the top lusted shoes for everyone. They were being primarily designed for sports but due to how comfortable they are, they have been embraced for everyday wear. Another advantage of the sneakers design is that it accommodates both men and women.
For every sneaker lover, we have all wanted to be designers at one point of life. We have criticized the designs and the silhouette colours of newly designed sneakers. Being a designer however is for the skilled and talented, it may not really require formal education but there are some skills that can be acquired in school also.

Shoe designers are tasked with layouts and models that can end up as footwear. This requires them to be creative and to recognize what the market needs are. The salary ranges over the region, the brand they work for and the experience also. We, of course, don’t expect the same salary for designers working with different brands who are in the same positions. Most regions are also just consumers of already made shoes and therefore you might find that opportunities are just concentrated in specific regions.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, footwear designers earned an average of $77,980 per year compared to their fashion designer counterparts who made almost $10 lesser. To survive in this industry, you are required to be aggressive, creative and most of all talented. Nationally, a typical footwear designer can make up to an average of $72000 per year. On the lower end, a designer may earn as low as $42k and as high $127k.

Freelance designers may make a lot more than this or much lower than the average salary of a shoe designer. Designers such as Manolo, Magli, and Lauren Jones are making millions from their designs.
A reason for this difference is the understanding of market needs and fashion trends while creating new designs.
Apart from Gucci, Nike and Adidas there are other sneaker design companies. They include Spalwart a Swedish company, Balenciaga of Spain, Feit, Koio, and Prada of Italy just to mention but a few.

In general, creatives in the fashion industry make good money. At some of the very best brands, a designer could earn as much as six figures but that is subject to the brand and location at which the designer is located. However, it takes time and hard work before working at these brands. As a designer, it is important to know your niche and nurture it to be your standing out skill as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Designers such as Mark Miner, Denis Dekovic and Marc Dolce can be great examples to upcoming shoe designers.