Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

The best way to initiate growth to your Instagram account is by striving to engage followers using only organic means, by genuinely creating interest in the market, and encourage people to appreciate your content and ultimately follow your account. This process is slow and requires extreme patience from the account holder since they have to tackle the ever-evolving Instagram algorithm to post content that will be referred to newer audiences and improve engagements. In order to find a quicker to engage more followers, people often resort to buying fake followers, which might not be the best way to go about on the platform.

Every account strives to have more followers, whether it is a regular individual account or a brand or influencer account. The higher the followers, the more recognition people get in the market, and it is an effective way of associating success with an account. Be sure to increase your Instagram followers using the best practices, engaging more through organic means to ensure they interact with your activities regularly.

Whether you’re looking at ways how to start a gaming blog, or any other activity for that matter, having a high number of followers will be very helpful for you to engage more people, however, buying followers should be avoided, as explained in the article below.

Fewer engagements

Many users report that they have experienced a declining trend in their engagements after buying followers for their accounts. This is detrimental for a brand or business as engagements are the most important thing that is aspired with having a large number of followers. This is because many of the followers bought are bots or accounts that are no longer in use, meaning that you will never interact with your activities.


Bought followers often bring spam to your account, where accounts will regularly comment on your account not relating to your activities and at times post inappropriate comments. This discourages the actual followers to comment, as the sense of community is lost and their comments will be seen to have less meaning. Additionally, you may also get regular spam messages to your emails or receive them from other accounts which are used when buying the followers, which is annoying and may result in security risks for your data, as the spam may be hackers trying to change or steal data.

Ruins influencer’s ambitions

Having fake followers is the death of an influencer account. This is because your services will not be appreciated as they do not bring value to the businesses, or not as much as your account claims to have. The brands will ignore your account as they will opt for other accounts that have genuine people associated with them.

Against Instagram terms

Having bots is against Instagram’s terms, and they will gradually be eliminated by the Instagram servers. This way, bought followers will bring no value to your account and may be destined to be removed anyway by the platform over time.

Wrapping it up

The above-mentioned factors are some main reasons why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram, in most cases, they bring few benefits to your account, and have the risk of completely ruining the status and integrity of your account amongst genuine followers.