Top 6 Countries with the Most Online Casino Gamblers

Work is usually easy when you know what you are doing. One of the easiest ways to understand anything in this world is by pure immersion in a community. If you are a gambler, then you might know that the game has grown by leaps and bounds due to the frequent expulsion of the growth of technology. The new tool in the game has allowed for expansion and a better customer experience. Online companies like live22 have benefitted ever since. However, it pays to know where you are in order not to be limited with physical casinos and certain national and regular regulations.

If you are a believer in the limitless, then here are some of the countries that have the most online casinos.


Canada is a wild country, a wild thirst for this game. In terms of percentage, Canada holds a clear edge over most other countries in the world. It is estimated that about 75 percent of this population regularly indulges in online casino gambling. This is a quite high number and clearly shows how much risk they are willing to put on the line to make some money and have some fun.


You should not be surprised that this country is in this category. Due to its sheer size, it already has an upper hand over the competition. The US offers both online and offline gambling destinations and boasts of having a residence of world-class gambling destinations- in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

With such a clique, huge population, and ever-growing economy, the U.S. has over seventy percent of its population indulged in the sport.


This is the best example to show why taboos are what makes me curious to reach out and explore. Since gambling is considered taboo in the Asian culture, it has created a fire and buzz within them to fight the resistance. This burning desire has made it an exception not only to overcome but as a pacesetter in terms of its vetting and oversight of those sites it does allow operating.

This creation of high safety standards and an insatiable curiosity for online gambling has created huge spending and crowding among the Japanese. This means that their services have been legit over the years and will offer you the best experiences.

New Zealand

Among the Kiwis, betting wasn’t something full of buzz and excitement. However, such emotions have grown over the decade and have created gambling popularity for the country. Despite its smallness, they have been of great interest on the internet because their gambling is legal and tax-free! If combined with good NZ governance, then the country has a reason to sit with the kings.

However, there are slight disadvantages to dealing with their system. They have no breadth of options and are typically run by the commissions of other countries like the UK.


Although this country came into late in the game, around 2010,  they have become one of the largest gambling countries in the world. Singapore citizens were worried about addictions and losses and even come up with laws to control the issue. For example, the government created the “Family Exclusion Orders” and discouraged gambling by impacting an $81 fee on whoever visited the casino. But their spirits were never crushed, and now they sit with about $1,174 losses per adult in 2010.


Here, only registered members club is allowed to offer casino services. The laws enacted are strict, with the rewards for gaming allowed to be only up to 10 shillings. This obstacle has still led the citizens and outsiders to average around $588 per adult. This is quite a high number despite the restrictions.