What is the richest clothing brand

Clothing has, for centuries, been one of the most expensive industries in the world. People try to make themselves look better and dressed for the occasion. Clothes can be cheap and similarly can be expensive as well. Celebrities and artists with commercial value usually are sponsored by these high profile clothing brands who either are trying to establish their new found brand name or that they want to legitimize their brand name with consistent participation in customer interaction events as it helps to keep the brand name in the customer’s mind while keeping the customer loyalty and interaction intact. Today we can see that there are numerous brands out there that can be named as century firms that have been working even before the birth of some adults and will be here in the future. Websites like https://toplistbrands.com/ have focused their energy on finding out which brands are the most expensive, rich, and valuable in their overall assets. From such websites, it becomes clear which brands are the richest clothing brand in the world.

The oldest clothing brands have the wealth and value, with an estimated value of over thirty billion dollars. The fact that a clothing brand can have such a high value is unthought-of, and it seems impossible, to say the least. While these impossibilities may exist in a layman’s mind, these clothing brands can be costly. This can be verified by the amount of money these firms spend on celebrity endorsements and sponsorships so that they could create a distinct brand image. So let’s see what are the richest clothing brands.

Louis Vuitton

Being one of the world’s biggest companies, let alone limiting it to the clothing industry, it has been inducted as one of the Forbes top ten most valuable brands in the world.  With an estimated value in 2019 to be $37.14 billion (American dollar), Louis Vuitton has all the right to brag about its products as the most expensive clothing and accessories, such as jewelry, luggage, and perfume. While its chief competitor is Christian Dior, there is still no air of hostility between the two brands since Christian Dior’s holding company, with Louis Vuitton owning 40% of its shares.


The Swedish retail brand is also considered one of the most successful clothing brands globally, with strategies of going global that had worked incredibly well for the company. With excellent experience working across borders and adapting well under different cultures, the brand has well established itself in approximately 53 countries with over an estimated earning in 2019 to be $18.82 billion (American dollar). The company is such that the ‘H’ stands for Hennes meaning ‘for her’ while the ‘M’ stands for the founder Mauritz’s name.

The Gap

As an honorable mention, Gap is one of the biggest clothing to wear brands in the world. With estimated earnings of $15.65 billion (American dollar) in 2019 shows the level and the potential that the company holds.