Which Airlines Have the Best Reputation

Where is your favorite place to travel? With affordable airfare readily available for less than $350 on flights that last for hours, people are exploring more of the planet than ever before.

Some airlines will charge you an arm and a leg, while others will provide more of a luxury flying experience for less money. But which airline has the best reputation, and what is the closest airport to bend Oregon?

The closest airport to bend Oregon is Redmond Municipal Airport. This airport is about 1,135 miles away from the city. It is considered a general aviation airport with no scheduled commercial service.

If you need to fly from Redmond Municipal Airport, Spirit Airlines is one of their most frequent customers due to their competitively low fares.

Another better choice, if you want to fly from Oregon, would be Portland International Airport. This airport gets a 3-star rating on Skytrax World’s Airport Awards for its overall service, with four stars awarded for location/convenience and comfort while achieving three stars in customer service and facilities.

4 Airlines That Have the Best Reputation

Southwest Airlines- “Everyone Wants a Piece”

Southwest Airlines has arguably one of the most favorable reputations among American carriers today. With an on-time rate of nearly 97 percent, you can rest assured that your flight will never be on time. The price is always reasonable.

The in-flight experience is also wonderful, with full meals available 24/7. You’ll also find unparalleled attention to customer service, which some people credit with keeping Southwest in the first place.

It’s a company that has always gone above and beyond for its paying customers. This is something that keeps its word of mouth at an all-time high.

United Airlines  

United is another big name in air travel, and they are also known for their excellent customer service. It is known as one of the best companies to travel with when you have special needs, and they do whatever they can to make sure that the overall experience is a happy one.

Their Boarding Pass program offers frequent fliers 25,000 bonus miles and free checked bags each year on flights over 15,000 miles. This is something that has a huge impact on their customer satisfaction rate.

Delta Air Lines – “People Like to Fly It”  

Delta’s reputation isn’t quite as incredibly great as United or Southwest, but they have still managed to maintain a decent rating. They are known for giving back to their customers and giving them free food, drinks, and other amenities. They also have the best deals for seasonal tickets with flexible dates for flights less than 36 hours away. There are also many perks for people who book with Delta Sky Club locations.

Delta Air Lines is an airline that prides itself on comfortable and affordable flying. They try to make everyone feel at home when they’re in their air-conditioned planes with roomy seats, free snacks, and friendly employees. They also have a very good on-time record of about 80% for flights less than 500 miles, which is something that you should keep in mind when booking your next flight.

American Airlines – “Always Friendly”  

As one of the largest airlines in the country, it’s no wonder why American is so well-regarded. They have a very favorable on-time rate and have a lot of helpful employees to serve their customers. When you book through AA miles, you’ll receive up to 30,000 miles per roundtrip flight. You can also obtain one year’s worth of boarding pass perks for only $25 with AA dollars.

American has an excellent position in Bend as well, performing well above average at every turn when it comes to customer service and punctuality.

To conclude, Southwest Airlines has the best reputation, while Delta Air Lines has the second best. But, both Southwest and American have splendid customer service as well.