What Kind of Paint Protection Works Best?

Have you been settling for paints that do not give your car the best coating? Have they been going a short while and chipping off before serving you the expected time? You are probably using the wrong paint, and it is time to switch to a better option and look for a better service provider. Below are some paint products that could work best for you and your car.

Ceramic coat

With the presence of silica dioxide in its composition, this water-repellent component protects the original paint of your vehicle. It also makes cleaning easy as one only has to rinse off or wipe off any stains from the surfaces. When it comes to protection against chemicals and other corrosive products, ceramic coating reacts against oxidation.


This kind is usually applied to temporarily last for 3-4 months. It offers a protective layer against UV rays and harsh weather conditions that can damage paint, leading to extra costs of doing repairs. Unfortunately, it does not offer protection against corrosive chemical components and can be easily removed by detergents.

Opti-coat pro

This acts as an alternative to ceramic pro. This comes with a warranty of 2-5 years, depending on the product applied to the paint. It comes in different varieties and at different prices depending on the expert using the product on the intended surface.

What causes paint damage and how to protect the paint

Parking without a cover

This exposes the paint for longer hours to the sun, causing it to fade and chip off eventually. As a remedy, it is wise you park in the shade or use a protective cloth against the direct UV rays. It is also recommended that you invest in a long-lasting cover that can be used under any condition.

Excessive use of rough roads

Rough roads have small rocks that can easily chip off a section of paint from your car. To avoid this, use smooth roads and drive carefully to avoid rocks from chipping surfaces. If you use sandy roads, clean the mudguard carefully to drain off any sand residues that could chip off your paint.

Using corrosive cleaning agents

Acidic products alter the pH of the paint, leading to a reaction that chips the paint off. Instead, consider using mild products that are not harsh to the external surface. Also, use a microfiber cleaning towel and apply the cleaning products on the towel instead of applying directly to the surface. To learn more, follow the URL.

Dry your car after cleaning

Most people just wash their cars and rinse off the soap residues without completely clearing the water remains. To ensure your paint lasts long, finish the cleaning process by rinsing all the soap residues and drying all the remaining water. If possible, let the car rest in the sun for a while, then cover it if you are not using your car immediately.

Investing in a good polish for your car after cleaning is also a strategy to keep your paint intact for a long while.